JLC Landscape LLC pride ourselves on providing the most professional and reliable services in the area.  We work hard to maintain your lawn according to your specifications. We can arrange to come on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
We provide the following outdoor services eliminating the need for multiple contractors:
New gardens are like people: singular, unique. For us, every project is a new beginning. No templates, no recycling of previous designs. Our experienced team of designers, horticulturalists, and managers will work to understand what a beautiful garden means to you.
Installation is an earthy, practical process where plans become reality. We quote carefully, execute on time, and work with the highest quality materials and craftspeople. Focused attention and quiet professionalism render a finished garden as you dreamed it.
Nature is relentless—and she demands constant attention. We make sure your garden receives the consistent, precise, respectful care it requires to look its absolute best, in every season. We quietly come and go, and our careful work makes Nature’s beauty appear effortless.
Our prices vary depending on the size of yard and type of work requested.

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